Times have changed and people have become more conscious of security, ease of living and integration of technology in their homes. Devanand recognizes these trends and have equipped ourselves to cater to the needs of our clients in trendiest home automation solutions.

It is the age of smart homes and offices, if we take a look around we find we are surrounded and shrouded by technology. Some improve and enhance our livelihood, some make it simple.

Automation products that keep you safe

  • Intercom facility within home and throughout large residences
  • Fire and smoke detectors and gas leak alert systems
  • Surveillance Cameras with 6 hours continuous video recording and alarm siren
  • Personalised secure access systems for home and offices
  • Wireless pendants for monitoring infants & elderly residents
  • Digital answering machines
  • Visitor authentication with Video/Audio security systems
  • Lock mode to turn on and off critical resources
  • Fully controlled automated gate openers

Automation for keeping you in luxury and comfort

  • Occupancy & Motion Sensors for lighting and other Energy Saving appliances
  • Remote Controlled and Centralized Controlled lights and fans
  • Motorized curtain control
  • Automated Mood lighting control
  • Automated Sprinkler control system
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control systems

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