Building Plan

Based on the budget and according to the type and magnitude of construction we come up with innovative building plans. Whether it is residential or commercial we work in tandem with government rules and regulations which help procure the required permits and certification without any hassles. We are adept at working out unique and customized plans for our clients based on their requirements and needs. We try to work out designs that come within the pre planned budgets of the client and always align with the clients financial outlays to deliver value for money projects. The plans may be for a new building or an existing one which needs full scale improvements.

We work on:

  • Residential Site Plans for buildings and for approvals
  • Plans for residential site improvements
  • Commercial Land Development Plans including:
    • Site Plans
    • Grading Plans
    • Utility Plans
    • Construction Details
    • Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Plans
  • Commercial Lot Consolidation Plans
  • Flood-proofing Plans

We provide support for processing of the plans at the government level and moving it forward successfully to achieve timely approvals. Our well trained staff includes structural engineers, architects, designers, draughtsmen, civil engineers and technicians. We involve the entire team in discussing the project plans and making necessary adjustments to give the best possible results.

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