Real Estate Development

There is a wave of unprecedented real estate development and promotions sweeping across the country. In this scenario of never ending possibilities there are some companies that have etched their name in gold whereas many are fly by night names that customers soon tend to forget. It is a realization that only quality and consistency will speak volumes in this field that there is humongous untapped potential in Chennai and across Tamilnadu that Devanand Builders have ventured into this field.

The choice of entering real estate development was a deliberate yet natural one for Devanand Builders, given the vast experience and expertise in building projects and valuation services. The result is a property development and promotion services for individual property owners and other builders.

Our team has forged an effective relationship with leading real estate advisors, brokers and agents. Working along with this time proven experts we deliver profitable advice and solutions to our clients that enhance the value of their property / assets in the real estate market.

Leveraging our own expertise in building and development, we bring to your real estate portfolio certain customized programs that ensure maximum returns on your immovable property projects. We take keen interest in your vision and design solutions to suit your requirements.

Our services include real estate consulting, investment consultation, taxation and audit services, legal advice, liaising and estate planning. We already have a mutually profitable relationship with leading property owners and investors who rely on our expertise to fetch maximum ROI on their projects. Our vast knowledge of real estate trends enables us to provide you the best possible real estate and development services.

Devanand Builders extend services to all sectors including residential, commercial, freehold and leasehold properties.

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