Repairs & Rehabilitation

More important than constructing a new building, the upkeep and maintenance of older buildings require more skills and dedication. We bring that uncanny expertise into renovation projects with a focus on technique and quality while ensuring time-bound project completion. Our renovation team has many years of experience in completing superior renovation work for some older buildings both residential and commercial. We also from time to time undertake maintenance and upkeep of larger commercial projects which have been completed by our company.

Devanand builders have undertaken repairs and renovation work for large commercial complexes, residential buildings, industrial units and infrastructure projects. We are successful in the field of repairs and renovation because we have chosen to abide by certain criteria including,

  • Delivery of the best results for every project backed by latest technology
  • Completion of the project according to pre-set schedules and within budgets
  • To dedicate professional teams to supervise the work and use finest technicians on the job
  • Use only certified methods and quality materials to complete the renovation

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