Residential Construction

The largest financial commitment families will ever make is possibly the building of a customized “dream home”. At Devanand we take the responsibility of making their dreams turn real with all seriousness and with due diligence. We are past masters in working with families to build their residential homes and have been doing it for the past decade and more. Our company believes in delivering highest quality at every level because we understand that some of these families put in their life savings to build their homes.

At Devanand we easily combine quality with high levels of craftsmanship, professional engineering skills and technical perfection. We believe that God is in the details, so we watch and work on the details, improving on our work on-site and planning for the next day’s work in detail.

Our residential building work involves:

  • Design /Build Services for your entire home whether it is a totally new home or renovation
  • We ensure that all plans and building activities involve environmentally friendly practices
  • We work alongside client to find out money saving options even as the project is progressing
  • Craftsmen who excel in their fields of expertise
  • We use the latest technology for coming up with estimates, plans and project proposals
  • We work out the guaranteed maximum pricing before the project begins this helps avoid surprises on the way
  • We bring in a highly professional team to ensure that your home is build with precision
  • Our use of quality materials and latest technology ensures a strong and long residential building

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